3 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day Without a Date

Ah, the day of love is fast approaching, and for some of us, this brings a new kind of dread, while for others it means nothing but hopeless romance plays on a constant loop in their head.

If you happen to be single this year, no worries! I feel ya and we all have been there at least once in our lives, so feel free to adopt the “No date, no problem!” mentality to keep yourself from getting into a funk. Other suggestions? Let me tell you a few of my favorite things you can do for Valentine’s Day without a date.

I am fully aware that these should all be easy ideas to think of, but even though I consider them every year, I never end up doing any of them. Why let my unofficial plans go to waste when I can share them with you! These are all perfect things to do any time of year, but they are extra awesome for Valentine’s Day.

Now, if you’re one of those ladies who lets the day of love get you down, I suggest surrounding yourself with people who love you and who you have fun with to help you remember that as long as you have friends who love you, a man can wait (says the girl who’s working on Valentine’s Day . . . but hey, it’s the thought that counts).

But seriously, moping around the house because you don’t have anyone to take you out to dinner isn’t a good way to spend the day. I’m not really a huge fan of pretending the day doesn’t exist either, but maybe that’s how you cope. However, may I suggest that you consider the idea that Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples? It’s the day of love, and therefore means ALL love. Ever heard of a little thing called self-love? That counts too.

Take Yourself Out to Dinner

Nothing says Galentine’s Day quite like getting all dressed up, going out to dinner, and buying yourself a nice meal. You don’t need a man to take you out to that fine place with the amazing rolls, you can take yourself there and share those rolls (maybe) with your besties.

Have a good time, catch up, tell dating horror stories, or even spill some tea. Whatever it takes to have a great night out with the girls.

Pizza & Movie Night

Pizza, movies, and your best gals, what could be better? Whether you’re the chick flick type . . .

“Should we watch The Notebook or Love Actually?”

. . . or the action movie type . . .

“Let’s binge watch the original Star Wars trilogy!”

I just recommend you watch whatever will not make you more depressed about your love life.

My Movie Night Picks

+ Dirty Dancing —come on now, you know it’s because of Patrick Swayze.

+ Star Wars: Return of the Jedi —because Ewoks! And the Han and Leia storyline of course.

+ Marvel’s Ant Man —becaue Paul Rudd . . . and the entire cast is freaking hilarious.

+ Pride and Prejudice —just watched it for the first time and WOW. Somebody get me a copy of the book ASAP.

A ‘Treat Yo Self’ Spa Night

Face masks, hair styling, and manicures, oh my!

Even if you’re not really the makeover type, everybody deserves to the be the ‘treat yo self’ type, even for just one night. You’ll feel good, and you deserve it. So go ahead, go a little crazy, pamper yourself and have a blast. Paint your nails that gorgeous shade of pink you’ve been saving for a special occasion because by for heaven’s sake it’s Valentine’s day and even though it may not be a date night, it is for sure a special occasion.

All of these still sound like too much planning? I get it. My best suggestion for you is to have a dance party. By yourself, with your mom, with your bestie, with your cat, or even with your totally awesome sister (Shoutout to Em the dance party queen!).

Just turn on your jams and have a good time. Why? Because nobody deserves to feel bad all alone on Valentine’s Day, so make yourself happy by whatever means necessary, because it’s one day out of one year, out of several years that make up your entire lifetime. There will be other Valentine’s days, so for now, just live your best life. The rest will all work out in the end.

I hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you have a beau or not.

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2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day Without a Date

  1. I love all of these suggestions. I’m thinking pizza + dirty dancing because what is better than that?? It’s also super nice to just have some alone time to re-energize from a busy week.

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