5 Songs That Got Me Through The Month

I’ve been finding myself in moods rooting from some depression, and I find that one of the only things that makes me feel better is by finding songs that I can attach my emotions to, but keep me away from my own thoughts by distracting me with lyrics. If that made any sense to you, I have a few songs that I highly recommend. These songs have been helping me get through this rough patch.

Sad Song by Parson James


Different For Girls by Dierks Bentley


Misery by Maroon 5


Goodbye by Echosmith


If You’re Hearing This by Hook N Sling featuring Parson James


Hear some more songs that have been getting me through the month here. I’m going to start uploading a blog post at least once a week with me being back to school it’s been hard to make time to write, but I want to and I need to. So more to come from me in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

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