5 Summer Beauty Essentials

Hello and happy Friday! My fun summer style post is not quite ready yet, but I wanted to put out some more content for you. Although, I’m not a designated beauty blogger, I do have a few products that I love for the summer. So I thought: “Why not blog about them?” Since this is a lifestyle blog and lifestyle can be about anything… today we’re gonna talk about a tiny bit of beauty.

*All opinions about the products mentioned in this article are completely based on my own genuine opinion; this is not sponsored.

Comes in different shades to match your skin tone

Jergens Natural Glow Natural Tanner: This product is a must for me because I am a pasty little marshmallow. So when I get near the sun I get fried to a crisp, shed my outermost layer of skin, and then return to my normal outrageously pale state. This is kind of like self tanner, only it’s a bit more subtle and natural-looking than a spray tan. Which is fine by me because if I can, I’ll avoid Trump-tan jokes by all means necessary.

I’ve been using this product for years, LOVE IT

Maybelline BB Cream: In the summer, I usually try to go mostly makeup-free, but for almost the entirety of second semester at school I went makeup-free, so this summer, I’m going to slowly ease my way back into a light makeup routine. BB cream is the greatest for summer because of the SPF in it. It’s extremely moisturizing, but very thin. It’s not high coverage, but that’s not exactly what BB cream is for. But that’s okay, it’s summer! I don’t have to cake my face! (Don’t want it to BAKE on my face, get it because I said cake and the sun is hot so it bakes… anyways) I don’t need too! Just a lil somethin’ somethin’ to even out my skin tone is just fine. If I’ve got something I wanna cover up I’ll just dab a little concealer on top of it.

There are many different varieties of Batiste (my sister loves the dark and deep brown, it doesn’t make her hair look gray)

Batiste Dry Shampoo: It’s summer, its hot, and sometimes I really just don’t want to wash my hair, regardless of how greasy it is (thanks summer sun for making me sweat to death!!). So I’ll either put on a hat ooooor whip out some good old dry shampoo. It’s the perfect little pick-me-up for greasy roots.

These are just a few of my favorite colors!

Sinful Colors Nail Polish: Sinful Colors have been my go-to nail polish brand for quite some time now. They are a very inexpensive brand with good quality polish. They have bright and vivid colors like Essie, but don’t require as many coats. Since it’s summer, it’s time to bring out the bold colors. Sinful Colors has me covered.

A few of the shades I’ve been wearing recently

Bright Lip Color: Last but certainly not least, is a bold lip color. I don’t have one specific one that I’ve been loving at the moment, so I’m just going to shout out all bold lip colors. I’m not usually a big everyday-lipstick-person, especially during the school year because I don’t ever remember to reapply at school (oops). During the summer, I can be a bit more willing to participate in the lipstick-wearing game, AND I’ll even wear some bright colors you will never see me wear at school.

Well, hopefully somebody found this article amusing, I feel like it’s kind of weird talking up products that  I’m wearing/using at the moment. This is probably why I’ll never full time beauty blogger. Oh well🤗 I’m quite content with my content, so that’s enough beauty advice from me today.

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