Let’s Talk About Bangs

Hello! Happy Monday! First Monday of the school year for me was a bit rough, but I got through it, and now I’m here to talk about my hair. Some people might think hair is extremely boring, but I’m going to do my very best to make it interesting. Mostly because my bangs are a part of me and my lifestyle now, and making my mind up about getting them took far too long, so I want to simplify it for anyone who might be considering the new super hip, trendy hair thing that’s actually been happening for decades, BANGS.

I had bangs when I was really little. I always liked them, until one day I realized I hated them because all my other friends grew theirs out. I would tug at them in hopes they would magically get longer and flow majestically into the rest of my hair.

I remember wearing large headbands trying to hold them back and crying to my mom “I don’t like them, I don’t like them at all!!” as the very dramatic third grader I was. My mother who loves bangs (my sister and I matched), was disappointed a little bit, but allowed me to grow them out.

A thing you should know about my hairdresser, she tells me what would look good on me and doesn’t like to do exactly what I want. She told me not to grow my bangs out. She put up a serious fight and said no, no, no I won’t let you grow them out. She has been cutting my mother’s hair for thirty years, so they are close and she is allowed to voice her opinion in my case. She told me she would never cut me bangs again if I grew them out. She kept to her word.

I started obsessing over the idea of me having bangs again around December. I asked a couple friends and they told me not to do it. They said that’s a big decision and your stuck with it. Well they weren’t wrong, but I still thought about.

I’ve been self conscious of my forehead for several years now, but never once until January did I even think of having bangs (I know right I’m a genius). I am one of those people who was blessed with an obnoxiously large forehead. Having such a large forehead is a perfect oily canvas for acne breakouts. Which I’ve struggled with acne since middle school, and it is the stem of my insecurities.

So when bangs became the new “it” hairstyle to have, I thought: “What a brilliant idea, something to cover up my acne!” So it took me a while to finally make up my mind, but I talked to my hairdresser about bangs in February. She of course said “hell no.” She lamented on the agonies of growing them out and etcetera, etcetera. I told her I really wanted them and she said the most she would do is give me some fringe. I agreed.

As soon as she cut the first section I knew I was in love. She had finished the left side of my head and asked me how I liked it. I told her I loved it, and little did I know, she meant that as a closing statement. That was it. She put the razor (it’s a knife-like thing for fringe instead of scissors) down. That was all she cut. I thought she would continue over the rest of my forehead, but no. I was left with those two small sections of fringe on the left side of my head and she thought I was content. Needless to say I wasn’t. I asked if she would do more and she said no. If I came back in a few months she would do more, but even then she would tell me no.

She isn’t the easiest person to reason with so I let it go. I’m not gonna lie, I liked the fringe pieces, but they looked really bad by themselves. Just the small section did not look good. So I had someone else fix them. My grandfather is a retired hairdresser so I went to him. I walked in and he said “oh my.” He was able to even them out and make them look exactly how I wanted: like BANGS.

I was scared my hairdresser would be mad, but she didn’t even notice. She covered up the bangs my grandpa cut and styled them like she did the fringe she cut months earlier. So from now on, my grandpa trims them up if I don’t cut them myself.

The process of trying to get my desired look was stressful, but once I had them, I was ecstatic. They transform my face. They add so much to however I style my hair, and weirdly enough I don’t break out as much on my forehead (and if I do you don’t see it).

IMG_2281I love my bangs. I don’t know if I can go back to not having them. I just have grown such a strong dislike of my own forehead, and the bangs make that all go away.

I know that even after making the cut you might not like them. My friend was that way. She cut bangs just like mine and after leaving them down for two days, has had them clipped them back ever since. Which is why I recommend to you getting fringe bangs, what I have. Don’t get hardcore bangs because they are really a pain to grow out, but fringe bangs are lighter and don’t require as much hair, making them easier to grow out.

But if you do end up liking them, let me tell you some helpful information. Some mornings I’ll wake up and my bangs will have a mind of their own and do what they want (which usually isn’t a great look), but I’ve managed to perfect the art of taming them.

Here are the best tips I can give:

  • BRUSH THEM. If you don’t brush them, you’re screwed. Especially if their wet. They can dry however they want and they can stand straight up on end if they please. So air drying them isn’t super smart unless you’ve brushed them out. Another weird thing is sometimes after doing my eyebrows, I’ll take my spool brush and brush them out with that just to separate the hairs and make them look fuller.
  • DRY THEM. I mean you can let your hair air dry, but I highly recommend you dry your bangs if you don’t want them sticking straight up. It seems weird, but believe me it’s worth it. You don’t have to dry the rest of your hair, but just the bangs. Especially if you’re a night shower person like me, they look a lot nicer in the morning and then you don’t have to wet them down and start from scratch.
  • LOCATE A TINY STRAIGHTENER. This isn’t really necessary, but I do recommend it. My mom bought me a curling wand for Christmas a couple years ago and it came with the tiniest hair straightener I have ever seen. My mom has short hair so she thought she would use it from time to time. Needless to say she hasn’t really used it because she is hesitant to abandon her trusty curling iron. So when I had my first “Bad Bang Day” I snatched it from her dresser and used it to smooth them out. Sometimes I want my bangs flatter than how they dry with a hair dryer for a more (and I use this word lightly) dramatic look. My bangs naturally curl under a little bit and some days I don’t want that. I can use the straightener for that too.

IMG_1322So hopefully my story of deciding to get bangs didn’t bore anyone to death, BUT in the off chance you might have found it entertaining or helpful I’m glad! If you really want bangs, it’s up to you. Everyone around me said I would probably regret it and months later I still don’t. So make your own decision, but do it because you want to, because otherwise what’s the point?

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