A Day at Tuttles

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since today is the day for giving thanks, I wanted to share with you the trip I took to Tuttle Orchards last month with my family because I am immensely thankful for them and the memories we make together.

It was a beautiful October day in Indy that actually felt like fall, which at the time, my fellow Indy residents may have also been wondering when this would occur since we’d had at least two 90 degree days in October, but we felt pretty safe from the heat then because only a few nights before it was snowing.

Gotta love Indiana weather.

To celebrate the season finally commencing, my family and I spent an afternoon at Tuttle Orchards, which is (in my opinion, of course) the best orchard in Indy AND they have the greatest cider ever.

When we arrived, Em was in a crazy good mood. She doesn’t like to walk on uneven terrain so the pebble path we had to walk on to get to the entrance was fun. She likes to pretend she’s going to sit down because she doesn’t want to walk anymore. She was giggling all the way to the gate.

Once we arrived inside, we took a seat by these huge straw bales painted to look like bumblebees and I got what I think are some of my favorite selfies with her.

We got our hayride tickets and managed to get seats on the first one right before it left. Em loves going for car rides and moving around, but today she was very relaxed on the ride.

Tuttles has the best hayride for people with disabilities because you don’t sit on straw, there are actually wooden seats and no hay at all. Em still enjoys hayrides even when she has to step on hay, it just makes it a little easier to get her on and off because once again, the uneven terrain for walking bugs her.

Once we got off the hayride, we walked around the pumpkin patch for a little bit and then wandered through the apple orchard to take some pictures.

I have never picked an apple in my life and I feel like it could not be more evident in these pictures.

We, of course, had to take a look at all the pumpkins! They had itty bitty pumpkins, and huge pumpkins, and my dad’s personal favorites, green pumpkins.

My favorites were the little ones because I could do my favorite pose with them. This wouldn’t work so well with a large pumpkin unless getting my face squished was all part of the plan.

After wandering through the pumpkin patch, we headed inside to get some treats to enjoy at Tuttles because there’s nothing better than sipping on cider at the orchard. We each had a pumpkin donut (Other than Em, we brought her own gluten-free snacks), my dad and I got hot apple cider, and my mom got an apple cider slush.


Finally, we headed to the famous farm store to pick up some of our favorite treats to take home. We picked up some apple donuts, fudge, a gallon of apple cider, and some gummy bears (The Albanese ones because they are actually the best).

I hope you continue to make beautiful memories with your loved ones this year and remember to tell them how much you love them. I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Thanks for stopping by,

xoxo Katie

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