Adventure Awaits . . .

I am just a quiet little homebody who has a hankering for adventure for the first time in her life. So in the wake of this newfound excitement to travel, I decided to share with you a few of the places on my list, starting with the most local places that unadventurous me hasn’t really visited in Indiana, my home state.

Broad Ripple

I know Indy residents are probably gasping at this very moment simply because I have never gone to Broad Ripple to walk around and explore. I’ve been there, I have driven down the streets, I’ve even eaten at a local restaurant there (I’m not that bad), but I have yet to go to Indy CD and Vinyl and other shops around town. I need to do that in the near future, like super near.

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Irvington in October, before their big Halloween Festival.


I visited Irvington, Indiana on a class trip back in October and it truly is a magnificent town. The people are so close-knit, there is so much history and all the residents are united by it. There were so many amazing antique shops and a particularly charming bookstore that was closed when we went that I just have to go in and shop around called BookMamas. And I have to get another Jockamo pizza because it was amazing.

Michigan City Public Beach

Michigan City

Michigan City, Indiana is a great city. It’s a little outdated, but I found it cozy. There were so many beautiful antique shops and local bookstores. They were run by the nicest people. I could’ve shopped around Michigan City for an entire day if we had the time, but unfortunately, we only had a couple hours. So I would love to go back.

One of the many local places to eat, Vivi’s Italian Garden was delicious and aesthetic.

St. Joseph

St. Joseph, Michigan is a beautiful lakeside town with the quintessential small-town feel that any cozy traveler who likes to take cute photos would love. ALSO, Kilwin’s Ice Cream is to die for. I have never in my life had a better cake batter ice cream, and believe me, I have had a lot of cake batter ice cream.



I love the city of Cincinnati. It may be an old city, but it still has so much beauty to it. It’s small, it’s artistic, and it has an amazing zoo and aquarium. I am a huge fan of Newport, which is right outside Cincinnati on the border of Ohio and Kentucky. I got the chance to travel there last summer and it was a fantastic trip. There’s also a 2 story Barnes and Noble bookstore which BROKE MY MIND. So. Many. Books. Needless to say, I have just got to get back there ASAP.


I have always wanted to visit Chicago. It is such a historical city, and quite frankly the closest thing I will probably get to New York at this stage in my life. I just read The Devil in the White City this year at school and saying I want to go see the Rookery building would just be a little bit of an understatement. I’d also love to see a musical while in town and window shop my way down North Michigan Avenue.


I might have the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua and do mission work in the near future, and I couldn’t be more excited. I have always wanted to go someplace and make a difference. I am very fortunate to work someplace with so many connections, and a boss with such a giving spirit that takes trips there several times a year to build schools and churches, and distribute much needed goods to the locals. I have never been out of the United States so I would get a completely different perspective, meet new people, speak more Spanish, and live a completely different lifestyle. I am ready for something different.


It is official, I am traveling to Spain next summer with my school! The coolest part is that I will have officially graduated by the time I leave. Nothing quite kicks off adulting like going overseas to a new country and exploring a new part of the world. I would get to visit six different cities in the beautiful country of España, see the beautiful architecture and meet beautiful new people. A trip of a lifetime for sure.

I want to know where you hope to travel to in the future! Whether it be this year or a year from now, I want to hear about your travel list!

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3 thoughts on “Adventure Awaits . . .

  1. I love these Katie! I’m happy you got to explore Michigan, and the list of places you wanna go to and are going to is so unique! SPAIN, take me with you!! I wanna study abroad and id love to go there, it seems like such a beautiful place and the culture is so interesting.

    1. Ah thank you!! I’m so glad you like it! Yes I love Michigan and I have some family there as well! I still haven’t quite processed that I’m actually going to Spain, so we shall have to wait and see when it hits me! I highly recommend studying abroad, that’s what I want to do in college so then maybe I’ll get to go back again! I hope you get to go!

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