August Realizations

Hello and happy September! I know I am usually more of a monthly goals kind of person, but for this past month I decided against writing down those goals and sharing them with you. I figured August would be rough, and sure enough I was right. I learned a lot, about people, about the real world, and about myself.

  • There’s a large number of boys in this world who are stupid, and you need to run from those like they’re the plague (which they kind of are).
  • Some people just like to be in relationships with toxic people and there’s really not much you can do or say that’ll change their mind.
  • Sometimes you just have to let things go. It’s hard, and I know you don’t want to, but some things are just out of your control.
  • If you need help, you’ve got to ask for it. It may take a while to figure out how, but if you really need it and want it bad enough, you’ll eventually figure it out.
  • Don’t take your youth for granted.
  • Don’t ever underestimate another human being on their ability to understand your pain.
  • You’re a lot smarter than what you and other people think, and you need to give yourself the credit you deserve.
  • Some people don’t change.
  • Sometimes you need to cut all ties with toxic people in your life regardless of how others feel about them. You need to do what’s best for you.
  • The power of a song, its rhythm, and its lyrics is completely unpredictable.
  • Sometimes putting yourself into songs and connecting your life to the lyrics is a necessary escape.
  • When you say you’re gonna stay on top of something and get it done, you really should do that instead of scrolling through your Instagram feed for hours on end.

If you found any of these helpful or have your own thoughts about my realizations, be sure to leave a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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