Back to School – What’s In My Backpack

Hello! I go back to school tomorrow! How crazy is that? Summer has gone by so quickly I can’t even begin to fathom how it’s already August. Anyways, I decided today to share with you some things I have bought for back to school because I think they’re cute/cool. I will make sure I tell you where I got things. So let’s begin!


I guess I should start off with my backpack. I have always had good luck with Jansport backpacks. Last year I carried the next level down from this one, and it started to wear out at the bottom. So I don’t HAVE to get a new backpack for senior year (maybe, I have a backpack obsession so I might mix it up), I got the one with the sturdier leather-looking material on the bottom. This backpack is the Trans by Jansport which is available at Target for $44.99. I then decided to customize it a bit by adding the cactus patch because I’m obsessed, the donut pin because it looks exactly like my strawberry frosted donut with sprinkles from Dunkin’, and the lightning bolt pin because the lightning bolt is may favorite emoji.

img_1365.jpgI also have a laptop sleeve for my laptop that I got off of Amazon. It is covered in cacti (of course). And my laptop is in a pretty plastic case to make sure that if I happen to drop it, which is not unlikely, it won’t shatter into a million pieces.

IMG_1364.JPGI also make sure I have a wide variety of folders. I’m not a big fan of binders simply because they weigh too much. Folders are a bit simpler and are lighter than a feather. I probably will end up with at least one binder because sometimes teachers don’t like to let you choose, but otherwise I’m team folders all the way. I really like the Yoobi folders because they last all year. Yoobi is also a super cool brand that gives school supplies to kids in need which I think is awesome.

img_1359-e1502207861983.jpgI also make sure I have at least a couple notebooks. I like the three subject ones because having more than one spiral notebook in my backpack usually ends up in a tangled mess, so having a multiple subject notebook is just better. I also picked up this composition notebook because it was too cute not to get.

IMG_1363.JPGHaving an array of fun colorful pens and highlighters is a must for me because it makes taking notes a lot more exciting. Also making sure you have enough pencils is important, especially if you’re like me and have a hard time saying no to those pesky “borrowers.”

IMG_1362.JPGI love using them in my planner especially. My planner makes things easier to keep track of and it gives me an excuse to doodle. I can also keep track of things to look forward to, like winter break and the end of school, because those are so important dates to keep track of.

Some other important things I’ll have in my backpack this year include, headphones, making it easier to avoid people you don’t want to talk to, phone charger, to keep my phone charged since it’s my only outlet to the outside world, a water bottle/coffee cup to keep me hydrated and caffeinated, and snacks because I don’t think I’d make it through the day without them.

IMG_1367.JPGSpeaking of snacks, look at this super trendy lunchbox I got! I’m a huge Marvel superhero fan so I felt this lunchbox was appropriate.

Back to school shopping is kind of fun, so I’m a bit more excited to go back, but I’m still really freaked out. It all starts tomorrow! Best of luck to everyone going back to school this week or those of you have already or still have yet to go back to school!

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