Final Favorites of 2018

Final Favorites of 2018

I can’t say that I’m shocked 2018 is already over, but yet somehow I’m completely ready for a new year. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever been so ready to leave a year behind.

2018 was challenging, heartbreaking, and enlightening. 2018 tested my strength and put my through hell. Especially here at the end. But even after all that, I can’t forget how much I’ve learned.

I’ve learned that I truly am stronger than I think. That all things happen for a reason. That no matter how hard I may try to blame myself for things, not everything is my fault. I am capable of so much more than I may think.

I can’t wait to discover all that I learn about myself in 2019, but for now I want to share with you a few things from the last few weeks of 2018 that made each day a little easier!


Hair Ties by Emi Jay + Teletie

I have been obsessed with these style hair ties for several months now, and they really do work like they say. They don’t kink, don’t tug at my hair, and super sleek and perfect to be worn on wrists to be ready whenever they’re needed. Also they’re super cute!

OGX Extra Creamy + Coconut Miracle Oil Ultra Moisture Body Wash

This body wash (Whose name is a mouthful and a half) smells so amazing and is everything I look for in a body wash: Smooth, makes my skin feel soft, smell great, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling irritated.

Wet Brush Comb and Boar Bristle Brush

My hair is getting super long (Especially for me, I usually love to chop chop), and I’ve decided to grow it even longer, so when I do want to chop it off again I can donate it.

Which means I need to start taking better care of it so it stays looking nice! So I talked with my grandpa, a retired a hairdresser, and he recommended for my fine hair that I invest in a large toothed comb to best detangle my hair.

I also read up on boar bristle brushes and how they help move oils from the scalp down to the ends, helping increase the amount of time between washes for people with oily hair. My hair is still trying to get used to it, but I’ll update you on how it ends up working for me.


Lillylee Earrings

I got to work with this business for my last post, and I am seriously loving their earrings. I get so many compliments and they pair so well with so many outfits, they add a bold pop to any look!

Lillylee is currently having a year-end clearance sale so you can use the code “BYEBYE2018” for 25% off your purchase!

Black Baker Boy Cap

I first saw this style hat on Maddy Corbin’s Instagram and I was immediately obsessed! I found this one on sale on SHEIN during Cyber Week (Which is only $8.00 regular price!!!) and just couldn’t resist! It is now one of my favorite hats I own and it is the perfect addition to any look.

CC Beanie

This beanie is so cozy and so warm! I used to be pretty beanie-obsessed, but I got out of it until this beauty ended up under the Christmas tree.

Movies + TV Shows

Lucifer (On Netflix)

Do you ever see clips of a show on Instagram and say to yourself “That looks so good!” and then wonder where you have to watch it, then annoyingly later realize IT WAS ON NETFLIX THE WHOLE TIME??? Me too.

That’s how I was with Lucifer. The first 3 seasons are on Netflix, and it’s a fantastic mix of crime, comedy, and the supernatural.


Lie to Me by 5SOS feat. Julia Michaels

Nothing Breaks Like a Heart by Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson

Imposible by Luis Fonsi feat. Ozuna

Wishing you all the happiest of new years!

xoxo, Katie

A Day at Tuttles

A Day at Tuttles

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since today is the day for giving thanks, I wanted to share with you the trip I took to Tuttle Orchards last month with my family because I am immensely thankful for them and the memories we make together.

It was a beautiful October day in Indy that actually felt like fall, which at the time, my fellow Indy residents may have also been wondering when this would occur since we’d had at least two 90 degree days in October, but we felt pretty safe from the heat then because only a few nights before it was snowing.

Gotta love Indiana weather.

To celebrate the season finally commencing, my family and I spent an afternoon at Tuttle Orchards, which is (in my opinion, of course) the best orchard in Indy AND they have the greatest cider ever.

When we arrived, Em was in a crazy good mood. She doesn’t like to walk on uneven terrain so the pebble path we had to walk on to get to the entrance was fun. She likes to pretend she’s going to sit down because she doesn’t want to walk anymore. She was giggling all the way to the gate.

Once we arrived inside, we took a seat by these huge straw bales painted to look like bumblebees and I got what I think are some of my favorite selfies with her.

We got our hayride tickets and managed to get seats on the first one right before it left. Em loves going for car rides and moving around, but today she was very relaxed on the ride.

Tuttles has the best hayride for people with disabilities because you don’t sit on straw, there are actually wooden seats and no hay at all. Em still enjoys hayrides even when she has to step on hay, it just makes it a little easier to get her on and off because once again, the uneven terrain for walking bugs her.

Once we got off the hayride, we walked around the pumpkin patch for a little bit and then wandered through the apple orchard to take some pictures.

I have never picked an apple in my life and I feel like it could not be more evident in these pictures.

We, of course, had to take a look at all the pumpkins! They had itty bitty pumpkins, and huge pumpkins, and my dad’s personal favorites, green pumpkins.

My favorites were the little ones because I could do my favorite pose with them. This wouldn’t work so well with a large pumpkin unless getting my face squished was all part of the plan.

After wandering through the pumpkin patch, we headed inside to get some treats to enjoy at Tuttles because there’s nothing better than sipping on cider at the orchard. We each had a pumpkin donut (Other than Em, we brought her own gluten-free snacks), my dad and I got hot apple cider, and my mom got an apple cider slush.


Finally, we headed to the famous farm store to pick up some of our favorite treats to take home. We picked up some apple donuts, fudge, a gallon of apple cider, and some gummy bears (The Albanese ones because they are actually the best).

I hope you continue to make beautiful memories with your loved ones this year and remember to tell them how much you love them. I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Thanks for stopping by,

xoxo Katie

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Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is fast approaching, so what better way to get ready than to start making your lists and checking them twice?

I have been wanting to put out my own holiday gift guide ever since I started this blog, and so I decided that this year is the year!

I have put together six gift ideas for four types of people. Other than Boss Babe, which is specifically geared toward the independent ladies in your life, these gifts can work for anyone!

Under each gift guide, I have linked a few specific items that work from my lists, however, there are so many other options out there that would work as well that can be found with a simple Google or Amazon* search!

*If you’re doing your holiday shopping on Amazon this year . . .

There’s a lovely way that you can give back while shopping on Amazon and it is a little-known thing called AmazonSmile.

AmazonSmile is exactly like Amazon, however, most purchases you make can apply a small donation to a charity of your choice. It’s no extra charge to you, and all you have to do is shop at instead of

I have been using it for well over a year and my purchases have been supporting Answers for Autism. I don’t use Amazon all the time, but every little bit helps! Especially this time of year, so please check it out!

Without further ado, my holiday gift guide!

Boss Babe


Wall Art + Sunglasses + Coffee Cup + Tote Bag + Smart Watch + Planner

Coffee Connoisseur


Keurig + Ember Mug + Coffee Stickers + Yeti Tumbler + Coffee Candle

World Traveler


Carry On + Passport Holder + Travel Stickers + Noise Cancelling Headphones + Makeup/Toiletry Bag + Neck Pillow

Tech Guru



Smart SpeakerPortable Charger + Pop Socket / Phone Case + Car Mount + Bluetooth Speaker + Photo Printer

Happy Holiday shopping!

xoxo, Katie

How I’m (Actually) Going to Balance Blogging & High School

How I’m (Actually) Going to Balance Blogging & High School

This is me, happier than I’ve been in a long time. Why? Because I’m finally working on finding balance.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may have noticed a change in the number of posts coming from me over the summer break and into back to school season in August. I’d like to explain, but this time without excuses.

I’d also like to tell you how I’m going to change because although balancing blogging and high school isn’t the easiest, I’ve realized it’s something I need to figure out for my own personal happiness.

So this post is, in a way, a continuation of How I (Attempt to) Balance Blogging & High School.

First things first: Why did I stop blogging for so long (or blog so irregularly)?

I got the idea of quality over quantity in my head, but it wasn’t until I realized how unhappy I was not writing when I understood I was looking at that concept all wrong.

I thought it was more important that I disappear for a while but come back with one fantastic post than to regularly push out smaller posts that I don’t have the time and flexibility to work on as much.

What I didn’t realize, is that when I would put out a post after not doing so for such a long time, I wasn’t actually proud of it and I wasn’t happy.

I guess you could say I’ve had an epiphany. It’s more important to me that I continue to push myself to be creative and get new creative content out there than to focus all on my energy on school work (or procrastinating my school work).

I would rather put out a bunch of smaller posts that I’m proud of than to put out one big messy one that I’m not.

I would rather make time for a little bit of creativity and expression each week than to sit around and wonder when I’ll have the time to.

In other words, word count is not a good way to measure quality over quantity.

After all, there’s nothing wrong with a quick read!

This blog is something I really love, and I don’t plan on giving up on it. Not now, not ever.

I have so many people around me who love and support me, and they motivate me to keep going. Even though I’m not seeing as much growth as I hoped I would by now, that’s okay and I understand because I haven’t gotten to put in the time and effort so many other people do.

The dream works, but only if you do. I haven’t been, but I plan to. Sometimes life happens.

Motivational Phone Wallpaper.jpg

For example, I started writing this fairly short, straight-forward post a little over a week ago with the intention of it going up last Saturday, but then I got sick, like super sick, for five days. I missed three days of school and I slept for almost two days straight.

Sometimes, things can’t be helped, but here I am, it’s a whole new week, and I’m still determined to share this post with you. Why? Because it’s important. It’s something that I’m sure all creative people go through at least a million times during their life. The struggle of balance.

I thought senior year of high school was going to be all fun and games, and come to find out, first semester is not. Definitely not.

Between college applications (Which I’ve actually done two, just not for schools that I’m actually genuinely interested in going to), senior classes, test scores, work, trying to maintain some kind of social life, and thinking about how this blog is being put on the backburner YET AGAIN, I. Was. Dying.

It’s only September, but already I feel like the worst is mostly over. Other than college applications, which in my true nature, I can’t help but to procrastinate them, I’m already feeling better about life.

I think joining the school newspaper this year may have been one of the best decisions I could have made, I have so many new ideas for this blog and how I can carry them out, things seem less overwhelming at work now, and I’m actually feeling really good about the future, other than, ya know, college because YIKES.

All these things are why I’ve set my new goal for this blog to be one post a week. Some weeks they’ll be big, thought-out, creative posts, sometimes they’ll just be smaller posts, like the occasional rant, a post about Emily or my family, a monthly playlist or favorites, or even another Life Lately, where I sit down and pour my heart out to you about what’s going on in my life at the moment because after all, this is a lifestyle blog.

However, the one thing I never want to lose sight of is the fact that I firmly believe I am a positivity-based lifestyle blog. I believe a positive attitude has the power to change absolutely everything. By choosing kindness, and understanding, you can forever change this world. By spreading love, you give this world hope. Together, we can easily do this.

I can’t wait for what’s next.

Thanks for stopping by,


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— Thank you!

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August Favorites 2018

August Favorites 2018

Happy September!

Believe it or not, I am alive and well, and I have not completely abandoned this blog! School has just been majorly kicking my butt this year.

However, I’m sick of excuses, so I’m determined to come up with a schedule in order to crack out new posts for you guys because I freaking miss being creative and pushing out new content, so I’m promising to make more time for this site that makes me so incredibly happy. I need more things that make me happy in my life right now.

My new official goal is one post a week. If I feel like I can’t reach that goal for whatever reason, I’ll be sure to let you know on Instagram (@lookshecanblog).

I thought I would start off this new slew of posts by sharing a few things that I was loving over the summer and into August!


Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo

I’ve been a big fan of Not Your Mother’s products ever since the Beach Babe sea salt spray became a big deal, but once they turned the same amazing scent into a dry shampoo, I just had to check it out.

It smells just like the same amazing salty beach spray they came out with a few years ago. It is one of my favorite hair products of all time, and I think this dry shampoo is now joining it on my list.



I was at one of my favorite local shops in Fishers, Blush Salon and Boutique when I picked up these little babes.

The lovely ladies in the store told me all about them and I decided I just had to try them. What it is a long-lasting liquid lipstick and they were on sale, so I couldn’t just let the opportunity pass me by!

The color I got, you’ll never believe it, is called Kiss Me, Katie. I was looking for a slightly pink natural color to wear every day, but I’m super bad at remembering to reapply. So with this, all you have to do is apply the color in the morning, and just remember to apply to gloss when your lips feel dry, which for me, is much better


There will be a TJ Maxx haul and styling post coming soon to feature a few of my style favorites!!

. . . There’s already a couple sneak peeks on my Insta. See if you can guess!

Movies + TV Shows

To All the Boys I Loved Before

Yes, yes, I jumped on board the bandwagon and watched one of latest Netflix original teen movies and oh my gosh it was fantastic.

I will say, I haven’t read the book (Which is rare because I’m normally a read-the-book-before-seeing-the-movie kind of person) so I didn’t really have any expectations.

The book has been on my “To Read” list for quite a while now, but being a stupid, crazy busy person that I am, I haven’t gotten the chance to read a book in its entirety for a while, so I decided why not sit down and see the movie based on it.

Also, I just had to see what the deal was with this Noah Centineo guy. He’s without a doubt a cutie and I will now be forever searching for my own Peter Kavinsky.

Thank you, Netflix.

Murder She Wrote

I always love my gal Jessica Fletcher and so there’s nothing better than staying up late with my mom for a Murder She Wrote mystery marathon. It was without a doubt one of my favorite things to do this summer.




This summer, I finally got my license and a car, just not in that order. I’ve had my car for six weeks now, but I’ve only had my license for five.

I know not everyone would get a car before they can drive it, but for me and my family, once I got my license I needed to start driving myself places immediately, so having one beforehand just worked better for us.

So here she is. She’s gorgeous, she’s already my baby, I’m paying for her myself (But it’s all okay because I love her), and for some reason, I can’t pick a name for her.

Feel free to comment any car name suggestions below! I’m thinking maybe Diana or Luna? I’m a plant naming expert, but apparently not a car naming expert.

New Reusable Starbucks Cup

I’m all for the eco-friendly options out there when it comes drinking cups and straws, but sometimes the alternatives aren’t always budget-friendly. So, I was super excited to see a new reusable ice coffee cup at Starbucks for, wait for it, only $3.

That’s right ladies and gents, there’s now an inexpensive and eco-friendly way to drink your iced coffee at Starbucks.


I’ve decided to only mention my top 3 songs for the month here because I’m wanting to start something new! Inspired by Maddy Corbin and Hannah Claire, I want to release a monthly playlist post, so stay tuned for my September playlist!

+ Jump (Acoustic) by Julia Michaels

+ You Deserve Better by James Arthur

+ Broken Love feat. Parson James by The Him

Thanks for stopping by,


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