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Valentine’s + Galentine’s

Tis‘ the season for single girls everywhere to remember that they actually kind of want a boyfriend because all over the world, couples are doing cute things for Valentine’s Day and of course everyone wants to be a part of that!

And that’s all fine and dandy except it is actually much harder to cuff a man than all the happy ladies in relationships make it out to be. Which is why I believe all the single ladies banded together and decided to make Galentine’s Day, a day to celebrate with your favorite gals in your life, who are ultimately probably better than a boyfriend anyways (Just saying).

After all, my mom always taught me that Valentine’s Day is not only for giving the people you love cards and chocolates, it’s about telling the other important people in your life how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them.

I like to think that my mom makes Valentine’s Day into her universal day of spreading love to everyone. She’s always made cards for her friends, my sister and I’s bus drivers, school teachers, her coworkers, you name it. If someone is important to her or did something kind for her and she wants to make sure they know how much she appreciated it, she puts something together for them on Valentine’s Day.

So for Valentine’s this year, if you need some ideas for getting together with your besties (Or coworkers, acquaintances, teachers, or any other lady in your life) or help finding the right gift for them to let them know you appreciate them, no worries! I’ve got you covered.

What to Do:

BOARD GAMES – Put those phones away and get lost in the moment. My friends and I played the game of life, which ironically enough for three almost eighteen-year-olds about to head off to college and start adulting, we totally didn’t know the rules of life. Both my friends had to look at the directions in order for us to figure it out! We got quite a few laughs.

FONDUE – Whether it be cheese or chocolate, just dip it. Some of my favorite things to dip in chocolate are strawberries, marshmallows, Rice Krispie treats, animal crackers, and pretzels! You can also mix it up by adding festive sprinkles, a personal favorite of mine.

P.S. This little fondue set was only $11.99 at Target! I highly recommend heating the chocolate in the microwave first since it is only powered by a tealight, but it keeps the chocolate from hardening while you’re still dipping! You can shop it here.

BINGE-WATCH – Watch your favorite show together, or at least one that will make you all laugh and interact. My recommendations are hands down Friends and The Office. Funniest shows out there, period.

DANCE PARTY – One of my sister and I’s all-time favorite ways to spend time together is having a dance party. We turn on our jams and just jump around, bop, and have a great time.

PIZZA NIGHT – It’s always fun to get all dressed up and take yourselves out to dinner, but if you would rather not be surrounded by couples on Valentine’s Day, it’s probably better to stay in. My personal favorite way to spend time together is to get all cozy with your favorite movies (Chick-flicks optional), and my food staple, a pizza.

PILLOW FORT – It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’re never too old for some pillow fort fun! You can make it super cute and add all the fairy lights your heart desires. Not to mention you can see if you’ve leveled up at all from your pillow fort buildings, ya know, back in the day (My fort fell on top of me and my friends at least 3 times so I’m gonna say I did not level up as much as I had hoped).

— P.S. Huge shoutout to my besties for letting me be annoying and take like 500 random pictures for this post! Thank you for helping me get the pictures for this post and always being so supportive, I love ya bunches.

What to Get Them:

HOMEMADE CARD – I personally feel like nothing beats a homemade card when it comes to telling someone how much you appreciate them. It takes a some time and a little bit of love, but it’ll mean the world to someone when they open it.

AT-HOME SPA DAY – Tell your hard-working girly that you’re enormously proud of her, but she needs to treat herself! Face masks, fuzzy aloe-infused socks, bath bombs or salts, and a candle make the perfect gift for someone who needs to relax in style.

COFFEE KIT – One of my personal favorite ideas is buying one of those reusable cups from Starbucks, whether it be the new $3 ones or one of the fancy $20 ones, and then fill it with your friend’s favorite candy, and of course, a Starbucks card. Pink ribbons and cheesy tags are optional that read: “I love you a latte.” Thank you, Pinterest.

BESTIE COUPONS – For your best friend, let her know how much you care by putting together a coupon book full of coupons that would only make sense between the two of you. “Pizza night for two,” “Drop everything and meet for coffee,” or “Binge session of our favorite show” are a few that I can think of, but you have all the opportunity in the world to get crafty with it and customize it for your bestie!

Check out my Pinterest board “Gift Ideas” for more inspiration, and be sure to give me a follow! I’m constantly pinning new things that inspire me.

No matter how you decide to spend Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to make sure everyone you love knows that they mean the world to you. I know I for one am not the best at saying “I love you” as much as I should to my family who does so much for me. So this year, I hope you’ll join me as I show my appreciation to my loved ones.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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