Goals for What’s Left of My Summer

Hello! It’s been so long (yes, I say that every post)! But I am officially done with my online class and so I am back and here to stay! I’m already brainstorming new posts and reworking posts I wanted to upload weeks ago. For now, I’m going to start off by sharing with you some goals, since I didn’t get to upload my July Goals (you’re bummed I’m sure), for the small amount of summer I have left to enjoy. 

  • Get coffee with friends
  • Have a sleepover with at least one of my girlfriends
  • Write a TON of cool blog posts
  • Paint and journal in your free time
  • Take and edit some fun photos
  • For heavens sake finish Slaughterhouse-Five (you might have noticed that it has taken me forever to finish this book if you have noticed my little Goodreads widget in the sidebar, which by the way check out my Goodreads page, I want more people to follow and reviews to read!)
  • Try not to get too caught up in all the Back-to-School mayhem (I really like Back-to-School shopping so I’ve already started and have blog posts in the works BUT its too soon I know, so I’ll be patient)

Those are sufficient enough goals for these last few weeks of summer for me! What do you want to do before summer break is over?

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