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goodmusicThese past couple months, there have been so many new singles released and some of them have pretty sick beats (bringing that phrase back, you’re welcome). So today I felt the need to shout out a few of these songs and then, I don’t know, maybe you might consider checking them out. Then we could jam together. Fun times.

First off, I’ve gotta shout out OneRepublic, one of my favorite bands of all time. They have racked up quite a few chart toppers over the years including “Apologize,” “Secrets,” “Counting Starts,” and “Wherever I Go,” just to name a few. They have extremely good music and did not dissapoint with there last album Oh My My (I already own it on vinyl). There newest single “No Vacancy” follows in the footsteps of their other numerous hits with a catchy rhythm and lyrics that will get stuck in your head, but you won’t be mad about it (at least I’m not).

Next up, “Waterfall” by Stargate featuring Sia and P!nk.  Both ladies are very talented singers and songwriters. They both have extremely unique sounds and I love what happens when their vocals are combined in a song. It’s an amazing song with interesting lyrics. The sounds of their two distinct voices together is what makes this song so great.

Attention by Charlie Puth is another super catchy song that came out recently. It has lyrics that I feel like a large audience can relate to. Some of you have probably dealt with someone who only wanted all the attention that comes with being in a relationship without the commitment of a real relationship. BUT they won’t allow you to move on because they know you are still attached and they thoroughly enjoy wasting your time. DEEP STUFF.

Those were just 3 new songs that I felt deserved some recognition. What do you think of them and what are some new songs you’ve been loving recently? Let me know in the comments!

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