High School Survival Guide: The Essentials

Hey there!

. . . From someone who actually made it through three full years of high school and lived to tell the tale!

Today as part of this little mini back to school series I’ve been working on the past few weeks, I thought a would share a few things that I personally feel like you need to consider having with you while you’re at high school.

Some are silly and others are more serious, but I promise you they’re all important!

My Must Haves:

Coffee — I never knew sleep deprivation was a real thing for high schoolers until after pulling a couple late nighters to finish psychology projects last year. Guys, it’s real. I needed the caffeine in the mornings otherwise I’d fall asleep in math every day I didn’t have it, but also if you just like coffee it’s a bonus. I like to drink coffee casually for enjoyment but during the school year, I drink it almost religiously for survival.

Headphones — In case you don’t have friends around to walk with to your next class, or if you’re in a mood and need to listen to your favorite songs to cheer you up, they’re super important. They are also good for giving someone a *subtle* hint not to talk to you, which seems super mean, but it is actually considered a socially acceptable form of deterrence, so no worries I promise it’s not that awkward. Also, they come in handy if you need to watch videos in class for homework but don’t want to be annoying to the rest of the room (Don’t be that person!).

Comfortable Backpack — Not even overreacting. You may have to carry textbooks (If your school still has legit textbooks), notebooks, folder packed full of notes, pencil pouch, your lunch, water, and who knows what else, so you’re going to want a bag that doesn’t give you back pain.

In my school at least, hardly anyone uses their lockers. Yours could be too far away, maybe you don’t have enough time between classes, or in some cases, it might even be too small, so just make sure you’ve got a bag that will hold it all so you don’t regret the decision of choosing no tardies over using your locker.

Some Kind of Planner — I can not stress enough how important it is to have somewhere to keep everything organized. There are a lot of great online options, you could even use the Notes app on your phone for homework assignments and iCalendar for tests, or you could use a cool app like Trello, but I seriously recommend a paper planner. It’s all right there in front of you and it’s super easy to flip ahead a few pages to see what’s coming.

You need to do the homework (It’s actually the majority of your grade in most classes and can be super helpful when preparing for tests, just saying)  and stay on top of your stuff so you don’t fall behind, seriously, it’s not fun to try and play catch up. I should know, I’m practically the Conductor of Procrastination Station, but if you’re motivated, you’ll find a way to get it done.

Three or Five Subject Notebook — Some people prefer having a separate notebook for each class and believe me, I feel ya, I was that person once, but after breaking enough spiral notebooks by them getting tangled up in my backpack, I decided that one notebook that holds all my notes for three classes was better.

Also back to the backpack > locker thing, it really doesn’t weigh that much more so you don’t have to worry about not having your notes if you grab the wrong notebook, because they’re all together (Which could also be bad if you forget the whole thing, but hey, let’s be optimistic here!). I can imagine this kind of notebook might be even more helpful in college, but I feel it works pretty well for high school.

Pads or Tampons — For my high school ladies, we can’t skip over perhaps one of the most important things to make sure you have in your backpack at all times, your pads and tampons. Because let’s be honest, “That Time of the Month” can come and go whenever it pleases, so it’s always good to be prepared. Also, it never hurts to carry a few extras in the off chance you can help a sister out because those little vending machine tampons and pads at school are not ideal.

Travel Sized Deodorant — This may absolutely just be a “me” thing, but some mornings I’m in such a rush I forget to put on deodorant. How someone forgets such a crucial personal hygiene step such as deodorant in the morning, the world may never know, but I like to have a small one in my bag just in case because I know myself all too well.

Those are all my essentials (Wrote more than expected, whoops! I wanted to be specific to help y’all out!)

I’d love to hear your #1 essential for school in the comments below! I hope you have an amazing school year!

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