It’s funny how often I forget I’m not invisible. Just because people don’t acknowledge me, doesn’t mean that they don’t know who I am. We’ve met, but we just might not talk that often, it’s weird and kind of sad actually. I don’t know why I feel this why or why I convince my subconscious mind that no one else can see me other than my friends and family, but thats how I think. Weird right?

​I am an avid people watcher. I can be extremely observant and I learn many things because of this. I know many people, I see them, we have classes together, but we still might not talk. I forget they also could be watching me, knowing my name and my story, but still say nothing. So whenever I get put into a social situation with them, they greet me and say hello using my name and it throws me off balance to hear these people say my name. Is that bad? I feel like it’s not the greatest.

It’s gotten to a point where I was considering re-introducing myself to someone. They took me by surprise. They came up and said hello without even needing and real introduction because WE HAVE MET BEFORE. It’s crazy for me to think of the number of people I know and have met, but whenever we see each other we don’t speak unless no one else is there. Even then, I am that uncomfortably awkward of a person that I will remain in silence until spoken to, knowing very well that we could carry on a light conversation easily. I’m not much of a silence-breaker.

This was just a thought I was having today. I don’t consider the “popular kids”, to be of any higher power or anything, but I just forget that they know who I am simply because our social circles don’t usually overlap. Isn’t that sad? Does anyone else feel like this from time to time? Let me know what you think.

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