A Night at the Museum — Prom 2018

This year I went to prom with my best friends (like omg look at how gorgeous my friends are I can’t get over it) and it was an incredible experience. For those of you who went to prom with a date, I’m happy for ya, but my friends and I weren’t about to let the fact we didn’t have dates stop us from having a good time.

AN OBSERVATION . . . There were actually way more single guys at prom than I thought which like yes, way to go, guys! That’s really awesome that they were comfortable enough to go solo, but like, I’m just throwing this out there, there were single ladies literally everywhere. Next time, if you’re at a dance without a dance partner, ask someone! It will never hurt you to ask.

Anyways, my besties and I had a blast. Can you tell by that photo up there? It gives me such FRIENDS vibes, ya know what I’m saying? The theme song is going through my head every time I look at it.

My night was unforgettable thanks to my parents, my beautiful friends, and I would also like to give a shoutout to the amazing Maddy Corbin for giving me the perfect dress to wear. I felt like a princess and your kindness means the world to me.

How Our Evening Went

To start off our evening, we got ready together. I’ve never had this kind of experience before. I’m not a huge fan of other people beautifying me, but it was actually pretty fun.

My mom went just a little crazy for prom. We were all at my house so my mom decided she wanted to decorate the house. She even made a photo wall, she was so into it. She went above and beyond; She is too cute.7518900208_img_0156

After pizza (because obviously, we needed something a little fancier than McNuggets since this is prom for heaven’s sake), we took pictures in front of the photo wall, and then we headed to downtown Fishers to get a few photos by the chalk wall.

The people eating their ice cream from Handles gave us all the funny looks we could have ever desired and we even got honked at by a passing car, I mean truly, what an adventure.

After photos, we headed to the dance.

If you live in Indy you should be aware of this amazing place where all childhood dreams come true called The Children’s Museum. Anyways, this is where my school had prom this year and needless to say it was a fantastic time. High schoolers running around the museum and racing to get in line for the carousel is the absolute essence of what prom should be.

The Children’s Museum is a huge venue first of all, and I was not prepared for the number of students who attended because we filled up the entire place.

I was only just a little bummed that the dinosaur exhibit was not open during prom, but I still had a wonderful time.

After riding the carousel (twice), we finally got around to the whole dancing thing.

My friends and I mostly danced on the second floor because 1. We wanted to be able to breathe and 2. We didn’t come to prom for our dresses to be stepped on all night.

Since we were on the second floor, we stayed relatively close to the chocolate fountains because I mean, why wouldn’t you? We didn’t partake because I didn’t want to risk it with my dress because I can’t lie, I’m a mess. It was still funny because we could say “Hey! There was a chocolate fountain at prom. That was cool.”

Overall, prom was unforgettable. Even if you don’t like to dance, it’s something, everyone should enjoy. The comradery that goes on while everyone danced was crazy. All social circles were dissolved, we were all just students. We were all there to have a good time. And a good time was what happened.

Did you get to go to prom this year? Did you go with a date or solo?

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