For those of you who aren’t familiar with the word procrastination, let me clue you in. Procrastination: the friendly little guy who is helping me maintain my sleep deprived status. Still unclear? Well, it’s the reason why I never get stuff done and never get a sufficient amount of sleep to properly function without two cups of coffee.Procrastination is something I feel like at least at least 98.9% of all people struggle with at least some point during their lives. Quite frankly, I feel that it is human to want to do absolutely everything other than what you’re supposed to be doing. I am so guilty of this that I annoy myself.

Whenever I have a pile of homework I am supposed to be working on, my brain is flooded with ideas for blog posts and I suddenly find a lot of motivation for writing. Yet when I have no homework or any other responsibilities to worry about I have zero inspiration and zero motivation to find any.

Why am I like this? I blame it all on my friend procrastination. When I know something needs to be done, my instinct is to do something else, probably what I actually want to be doing, but yet in my free time I procrastinate my obligation-free time as well. So I end up doing absolutely nothing and getting nowhere very quickly.

A typical school night with loads of homework for me normally starts with me chatting with my mother for at least an hour when I get home. Then I’ll hang out with my sister for a while before I remember I have things I should be doing…

… but from there I can only get more sidetracked. I’ll get a snack, start scrolling through Instagram or the worst scenario, I’ll start watching YouTube videos. If I do that, I am screwed. Once I fall into that endless abyss of content there is no returning to that place called focus.

If I happen to make it past all those obstacles, I’ll get out my laptop and start working on something school related, then quickly open up a new blog post when I am suddenly struck by some unsolicited inspiration. I’ll probably work on it for way longer than I should and then stay up until ungodly hours of the morning getting shit done that I could’ve probably finished in less than a couple hours after I got home from school.

Unfortunately, I have no advice or any suggestions on how to cope with this inability to prioritize, but I can say that I have made it work for me by being motivated to get whatever needs to be done, done. Regardless of when I start or how long it will take, or how many distractions get in my way. I may not start on my homework until ten o’clock but I will still get it done before class. I don’t want to do it, but I can’t go without getting it done to the best of my ability because that’s just how I am.

Do you struggle with procrastination? What do you do to try and manage your time better?

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