September Favorites

October is finally upon us; bringing cool thoughts and unsolicited cravings for apple cider, hot cocoa, and reading while all cozy in bed with a book or laptop in some long knee-high socks like all those envy-inducing photos on Pinterest.

One of my personal favorite things about the blogging community is the reading. I love watching YouTube videos and I have such admiration for people who make them, but with blogging, you get to know someone because of the words they use.

Everybody has a different style of writing, and I thoroughly enjoy reading from other people’s perspectives. I especially love reading what other people are doing, what music they’ve been listening to, movies and tv shows they’ve been watching, etc.

I’ve decided to share a few things I have been loving the entire month of September, for those of you who love reading about what others are up to as much as I do.

I’m going to start off with a super special shoutout to my absolute favorite song of the month: Dusk Til Dawn by ZAYN feat. Sia. I can’t even begin to think about the number of hours I’ve had this song on repeat this month. It is actually ridiculous. The song is just so rich with emotion, I couldn’t stop listening to it. If you’re one of those music saps like me looking for a song to get you in your feels, go check it out. 10/10 recommend. It is fantastic.

Songs I’ve Been Loving
+ Dusk Til Dawn by ZAYN feat. Sia
+ Moonlight by Grace Vanderwaal
+ Stole the Show by Parson James
+ Mama by Jonas Blue feat. Will Singe
+ Reggaetón Lento (Remix) by CNCO feat. Little Mix

Listen to the other songs I was listening to throughout September here.

Vinyl of the Month
Ultimate Sinatra — blessed that Frank Sinatra’s music exists in this world.

Why would it not have its own spot on my favorites list?
My go to drink this month: Dunkin’ Donuts French Vanilla K-Cup for Keurig

My Must-Have Essential
I didn’t leave home without my little black notebook. I’m getting so much better at writing things down. Whether it be general notes, Christmas lists (it is never too early to start shopping, right?), or blog ideas, I’ve been writing them all down this month and carrying them with me everywhere I go.

My Top Pinterest Boards
+ Fall Vibes
+ Style
+ Cozy

Blog Posts that Inspired/Entertained Me
+ 5 Ways to Take Time Out for Yourself
+ The Job That Changed My Career (and What I Learned From It)
+ 5 Cozy Books to Read This Fall

Final Thoughts on September
I’m feeling excited but also a little scared for the unknown future that lies ahead; this month has brought light to that and many new creative paths I can choose to take.

Those are some of my favorite things from September, what are some of your favorite things from this month? Also, more fun things to come on the blog this month, so be sure to follow me on social media for updates!

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