September Goals 2017

Hello all! Since August has already come and gone without the help of a goals to help me along, I have decided I should get back into the practice of setting some goals and making some plans for myself this month. I need to start getting on track and planning things for the future. After all, I’m a junior in high school, I’m supposed to have it all figured out by now right? … I think not, but it’s a nice sentiment.

  • Make a plan of attack for my blog. Start reaching out to people, take more photos, increase my photography skills and experience, use my social media platforms to my advantage, improve my content, and increase my outreach.
  • Stay on top of stuff at school. I’m already at the point in the year (it’s only week …5?) where I say: “Oh I’ll just finish it up in study hall.” I probably should try to work myself out of that.
  • Start posting on the blog more, a LOT more. At the very least twice a week.
  • Avoid drama and remove toxic people from my life, but also keep in mind the fact that good people can also have toxic tendencies.
  • Unleash my creative side. Whether it be music, art, photography or poetry, whatever makes me happiest.
  • Communicate with people. People I love that I don’t speak to enough, people I know but only make awkward eye contact in the hallways, old friends, teachers, counselors, and especially people who may need someone to talk to just as badly as I do.
  • Continue to do fun things with my friends and family, I need to make it a top priority.

Those are my most important goals for the month of September, what are yours?

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