Spring & Summer Essentials 2017

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetToday I’m talking about music, style and other important things you might want to add to your spring and summer must-have list. I’m still very new to this, but I might as well say that none of this is sponsored and all opinions about anything are completely my own. A Place for Your Stuff: So first up I’m going to talk about that gorgeous backpack/purse that I’m sure caught your eye in the photo above, because when I saw it in the store, I was head over heals. It is the perfect size for spring. Not too big, but still has enough space to fit my planner (which is a must for me), my cameras and sunglasses comfortably. Can we also talk about how cute this is? The straps are comfortable and the gold zippered pockets on either side are the perfect spot for my phone. One final perk is that this was a really inexpensive bag. $26.99 at Target. Amazing. Having a purse for spring that fits everything, is comfortable and is ALSO stylish is great. I needed to change from my usual standard black purse and try a different color, and this one just-so-happens to go with almost anything.

A Place to Plan it: I feel that planners are really important. I tried the whole “keep track of everything on your phone” thing and didn’t have much luck. I just have a better time keeping track of everything when I write it out. Also when you have a paper planner, you can go crazy with customization. Different colored pens, doodles and stickers are just a few of my favorite ways to customize my planner. I don’t know if you agree with the old saying that if you write something out you are more likely to remember it, but I sure do. I look at my planner more often and check it daily because I’ve personalized it and made it mine. I sometimes use my planner as a journal as well to help document events that happen. I’ll write how I feel each day or just doodle about it. I like being able to flip back a couple pages and see what I did or how I felt. Especially over spring break since I’m not going anywhere, I want to be sure to remember what I did while still in my home town.

Something to Capture the Moment: Don’t forget to take photos. Whether they be artsy photos taken wherever you’re traveling, photos taken while you’re chilling with your friends and family or whatever you’re eating, TAKE PHOTOS. Don’t ever underestimate the power of a photo. I take photos to capture people I care about smiling because I want to remember that always. I take photos so when I go back and look at them, I can remember what I was doing and how I felt. So whether they be selfies or photos of your feet, I promise you they important. That is why I like to carry both my polaroid and my little Nikon. I’m saving up for a better camera, as my Nikon is very old and outdated, but I still like to have it with me. Even with both of these cameras with me, sometimes my cell phone still takes the best photos.

Something to Accessorize: Spring is all about “The New” and summer is all about rocking it. With all the new floral patterns, the bold new fashions and trends, you got options. This year don’t be afraid to accessorize. That flouncy hat? Go for it. That new purse with the crazy flowers on it? Why not? Be bold and be confident about it. A little extra sparkle never hurt anyone. I’m not always little miss “out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new,” I’ve been loving my favorite sandals from Old Navy. I’ve been told by my Spanish teacher that they are similar to shoes commonly worn in Spain. They are really freaking comfortable and I love them. I bought two pairs last year, I’m that obsessed, and most importantly, that new purse I just mentioned, MATCHES THEM PERFECTLY. Coincident? I think not. Definitely fate. So whether it be a new pair of sunglasses or your go-to sandals, make a statement this season.

Something to Read: Last but certainly not least, find something good to read this spring. Doesn’t have to be a book, it can be a magazine or it can even be several books, whatever you want to read. This spring I’m trying to read more blogs, so I’ve been quite obsessed with Bloglovin’ (click the button at the end to see what I’ve been reading). I am also looking to find some more books to read this month. Even if it is just reading articles online, find something to stimulate your brain and get you thinking. Especially when traveling over break, a good book is something I can’t leave without.

Those are my spring and summer essentials, I hope you found them interesting or maybe even helpful. Hope everyone has an amazing spring break whether yours is/was last week, this week, two weeks ago or two weeks from now.

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