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Hello! It’s me, your resident shoe addict, Katie. I have bought more shoes this Summer than I should really mention, but then again, they are very bold and awesome shoes that are too fun not to share with the world. Since Summer is almost to a close, I’ve decided to share them with you before I get into the swing of Fall shoe shopping. There’s a total of 5 pairs of shoes I’ve collected just over the Summer. ***None of the things I’m about to show you are sponsored. 

To start off, I should mention that every single pair of shoes I bought this summer, except one pair, were on sale. I’m going to just go over these in the order I picked them up. So first up, are these pink suede shoes.

IMG_1489.JPGPink Suede Puma Sneakers – Regularly $65, bought for $32
I know the Adidas superstars are all the rage right now, but I’m obsessed with the look of Pumas. I think they are so cool, and although they are similar to the very popular Adidas shoe of the moment, I think they have a design that is just more my style. Also, HELLO? They’re pink! It’s not everyday I go out and buy brightly colored shoes! Of course, I know you’re probably thinking, there seems to be quite a few brightly colored shoes on this post, and yes you’re correct, but this was the pair that set me on the path to be a daring footwear person. Found this pair at TJ Maxx.

IMG_1501Steve Madden Blue Velvet Ankle Boots – Regularly $130, bought for $34
These blue velvet ankle boots that my grandmother has dubbed as “Fairy Boots” are by Steve Madden. Anyone who loves shoes will 100% be familiar with the name Steve Madden and the crazy array of shoes the line has to offer. I happened upon these booties at a DSW while out shopping with a friend. She talked me into them, and so ta da! Here we are today. They are a bit different than what I usually go for when it comes to shoes, but the velvet trend is all the rage right now, so I decided to hop on board the bandwagon.

IMG_1494Marc Fisher Embellished Strappy Dress Pump – Regularly $79, bought for $20
Another one of my incredible finds at the one and only TJ Maxx, these shoes are riskier for me heels! I wore these to a wedding and I only wanted to die just a little after dancing around on the floor at the reception. Okay, but for real, these are really freaking cool and they made me feel like a boss. For twenty bucks, I wasn’t about to pass these up.

Maroon Velvet Slip-On Sneakers – Bought for $20 (Not on sale)
For those of you who are familiar with Target and they’re merchandise, you will know that for the past few years they have really stepped up their shoe game. They have an affordable dupe shoe for about every big brand trendsetting shoe of the moment. These are like Vans, and when I wore them to school, they really did get quite the attention. I heard at least two kids say, “Woah, look at those Vans.” Jokes on you they were twenty bucks! Thanks, Target! Nothing against Vans, but they are a bit pricey, and Target’s version of the shoes are more my budget price, and I think they’re great.

IMG_1500.JPGBlack Platform Puma Sneakers – Regularly $65, bought for $32
Surprisingly enough, I managed to find another pair of Pumas at DSW and I had to pick them up because, I mean come on, look at how cool these are. They’re a little edgy, and they differ from the other shoes I picked up this summer simply because they’re more neutral. I do love my other shoes I bought, but these will probably be worn the most, simply because I wear a lot of black. Also, these ones have memory foam in them and so I feel like I’m walking on a pillow, which is fantastic and I highly recommend.

Hopefully, somebody else out their has an appreciation for footwear and might’ve found this post entertaining. What is your go-to pair of shoes at the moment or your favorite color-pop pair of the Summer?

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