Final Favorites of 2018

Final Favorites of 2018

I can’t say that I’m shocked 2018 is already over, but yet somehow I’m completely ready for a new year. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever been so ready to leave a year behind.

2018 was challenging, heartbreaking, and enlightening. 2018 tested my strength and put my through hell. Especially here at the end. But even after all that, I can’t forget how much I’ve learned.

I’ve learned that I truly am stronger than I think. That all things happen for a reason. That no matter how hard I may try to blame myself for things, not everything is my fault. I am capable of so much more than I may think.

I can’t wait to discover all that I learn about myself in 2019, but for now I want to share with you a few things from the last few weeks of 2018 that made each day a little easier!


Hair Ties by Emi Jay + Teletie

I have been obsessed with these style hair ties for several months now, and they really do work like they say. They don’t kink, don’t tug at my hair, and super sleek and perfect to be worn on wrists to be ready whenever they’re needed. Also they’re super cute!

OGX Extra Creamy + Coconut Miracle Oil Ultra Moisture Body Wash

This body wash (Whose name is a mouthful and a half) smells so amazing and is everything I look for in a body wash: Smooth, makes my skin feel soft, smell great, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling irritated.

Wet Brush Comb and Boar Bristle Brush

My hair is getting super long (Especially for me, I usually love to chop chop), and I’ve decided to grow it even longer, so when I do want to chop it off again I can donate it.

Which means I need to start taking better care of it so it stays looking nice! So I talked with my grandpa, a retired a hairdresser, and he recommended for my fine hair that I invest in a large toothed comb to best detangle my hair.

I also read up on boar bristle brushes and how they help move oils from the scalp down to the ends, helping increase the amount of time between washes for people with oily hair. My hair is still trying to get used to it, but I’ll update you on how it ends up working for me.


Lillylee Earrings

I got to work with this business for my last post, and I am seriously loving their earrings. I get so many compliments and they pair so well with so many outfits, they add a bold pop to any look!

Lillylee is currently having a year-end clearance sale so you can use the code “BYEBYE2018” for 25% off your purchase!

Black Baker Boy Cap

I first saw this style hat on Maddy Corbin’s Instagram and I was immediately obsessed! I found this one on sale on SHEIN during Cyber Week (Which is only $8.00 regular price!!!) and just couldn’t resist! It is now one of my favorite hats I own and it is the perfect addition to any look.

CC Beanie

This beanie is so cozy and so warm! I used to be pretty beanie-obsessed, but I got out of it until this beauty ended up under the Christmas tree.

Movies + TV Shows

Lucifer (On Netflix)

Do you ever see clips of a show on Instagram and say to yourself “That looks so good!” and then wonder where you have to watch it, then annoyingly later realize IT WAS ON NETFLIX THE WHOLE TIME??? Me too.

That’s how I was with Lucifer. The first 3 seasons are on Netflix, and it’s a fantastic mix of crime, comedy, and the supernatural.


Lie to Me by 5SOS feat. Julia Michaels

Nothing Breaks Like a Heart by Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson

Imposible by Luis Fonsi feat. Ozuna

Wishing you all the happiest of new years!

xoxo, Katie

August Favorites 2018

August Favorites 2018

Happy September!

Believe it or not, I am alive and well, and I have not completely abandoned this blog! School has just been majorly kicking my butt this year.

However, I’m sick of excuses, so I’m determined to come up with a schedule in order to crack out new posts for you guys because I freaking miss being creative and pushing out new content, so I’m promising to make more time for this site that makes me so incredibly happy. I need more things that make me happy in my life right now.

My new official goal is one post a week. If I feel like I can’t reach that goal for whatever reason, I’ll be sure to let you know on Instagram (@lookshecanblog).

I thought I would start off this new slew of posts by sharing a few things that I was loving over the summer and into August!


Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo

I’ve been a big fan of Not Your Mother’s products ever since the Beach Babe sea salt spray became a big deal, but once they turned the same amazing scent into a dry shampoo, I just had to check it out.

It smells just like the same amazing salty beach spray they came out with a few years ago. It is one of my favorite hair products of all time, and I think this dry shampoo is now joining it on my list.



I was at one of my favorite local shops in Fishers, Blush Salon and Boutique when I picked up these little babes.

The lovely ladies in the store told me all about them and I decided I just had to try them. What it is a long-lasting liquid lipstick and they were on sale, so I couldn’t just let the opportunity pass me by!

The color I got, you’ll never believe it, is called Kiss Me, Katie. I was looking for a slightly pink natural color to wear every day, but I’m super bad at remembering to reapply. So with this, all you have to do is apply the color in the morning, and just remember to apply to gloss when your lips feel dry, which for me, is much better


There will be a TJ Maxx haul and styling post coming soon to feature a few of my style favorites!!

. . . There’s already a couple sneak peeks on my Insta. See if you can guess!

Movies + TV Shows

To All the Boys I Loved Before

Yes, yes, I jumped on board the bandwagon and watched one of latest Netflix original teen movies and oh my gosh it was fantastic.

I will say, I haven’t read the book (Which is rare because I’m normally a read-the-book-before-seeing-the-movie kind of person) so I didn’t really have any expectations.

The book has been on my “To Read” list for quite a while now, but being a stupid, crazy busy person that I am, I haven’t gotten the chance to read a book in its entirety for a while, so I decided why not sit down and see the movie based on it.

Also, I just had to see what the deal was with this Noah Centineo guy. He’s without a doubt a cutie and I will now be forever searching for my own Peter Kavinsky.

Thank you, Netflix.

Murder She Wrote

I always love my gal Jessica Fletcher and so there’s nothing better than staying up late with my mom for a Murder She Wrote mystery marathon. It was without a doubt one of my favorite things to do this summer.




This summer, I finally got my license and a car, just not in that order. I’ve had my car for six weeks now, but I’ve only had my license for five.

I know not everyone would get a car before they can drive it, but for me and my family, once I got my license I needed to start driving myself places immediately, so having one beforehand just worked better for us.

So here she is. She’s gorgeous, she’s already my baby, I’m paying for her myself (But it’s all okay because I love her), and for some reason, I can’t pick a name for her.

Feel free to comment any car name suggestions below! I’m thinking maybe Diana or Luna? I’m a plant naming expert, but apparently not a car naming expert.

New Reusable Starbucks Cup

I’m all for the eco-friendly options out there when it comes drinking cups and straws, but sometimes the alternatives aren’t always budget-friendly. So, I was super excited to see a new reusable ice coffee cup at Starbucks for, wait for it, only $3.

That’s right ladies and gents, there’s now an inexpensive and eco-friendly way to drink your iced coffee at Starbucks.


I’ve decided to only mention my top 3 songs for the month here because I’m wanting to start something new! Inspired by Maddy Corbin and Hannah Claire, I want to release a monthly playlist post, so stay tuned for my September playlist!

+ Jump (Acoustic) by Julia Michaels

+ You Deserve Better by James Arthur

+ Broken Love feat. Parson James by The Him

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My Everyday Makeup Look

My Everyday Makeup Look

Hello Beautiful People!

Today I’m doing something new here on the blog, a makeup tutorial! This very well may be one of the only makeup looks to ever to go up on this blog because I’m not well versed in makeup, but hey, I wanted to try it.

Since I’ve been trying to wear less makeup recently (Or none at all), I thought I would share the minimal makeup look I’ve been wearing on almost a daily basis.

There are a lot of pictures in this post and it seems a bit excessive to me, but I guess this is how makeup tutorials go on a blog. Without further delay, here is my everyday makeup look.


Here I am starting with a fresh face, no makeup.

**Obviously I forgot to photograph a step because well, I’m human, and so for some reason, I actually fill in my eyebrows first. I think I do it first because I usually forget if I save it for last (Like I did while taking photos for this post) and my brows are much too important to skip.

I use the blonde eyebrow pencil by Mary Kay. If I don’t fill in my brows, I feel like they are almost nonexistent because I’m so pale and my brows are so blonde. So somedays, my brows are the only thing I do before I walk out the door!

I like to start off with either my favorite light but high coverage foundation by Mary Kay, or BB cream, my favorite being Maybelline’s version. It’s perfect for the summer because it is light coverage and has SPF in it to help protect your face from the sun. Since it’s in the BB cream, it’s like your makeup has a secret superpower. You look cute but are also protected. It’s a win-win.

Next, I will either add concealer if I have any pimples or red spots to cover up, but most days I usually skip this step and go right on ahead and set my makeup as is with my favorite powder by Revlon.

This powder is one of the only ones that hasn’t caused my face to break out and doesn’t make my makeup look cakey after applying. It leaves my face looking very matte, but not over the top.

One of my favorite concealers is the FaceStudio Master Conceal by Maybelline, but other days I use the Covergirl FixStick concealer, or for extra high coverage, Nyx’s Color Jar concealer. It all depends on the day.

Next, I’ll add blush (Which my mother tells me I don’t really know how to apply it correctly, so sorry out there to my beauty experts, I’m working on it) to my cheeks and possibly the rest of my face to make me less of a pasty ghost when needed because I have not yet gotten to sit out and get some sun.

Yes, I have to strategically sit out or otherwise, I don’t tan ever. Even if I burn, I go right back to pale. I just want to have glowy summery skin sometimes! Is that too much to ask? My skin seems to think so.

***Please ignore that blonde hair wrapped around the bottle I didn’t notice it until now! I am ridiculous!!

If I’m feeling myself that day, I might decide to put on some highlighter, which believe it or not, I actually know how to apply! Don’t ask me how I can apply highlight properly but not blush because I have no answers for you, but at least I can do something right.

I decided not to on this specific day, but this is my favorite highlighter for when I do. The stick version is also amazing and it is my mom’s favorite. It’s got the Mama Bear seal of approval so it must be good!

7585935952_IMG_0539.jpgThen I’ll prime my eyes with my favorite cream eyeshadow.

This is the only part of my makeup look that changes almost every day. Sometimes this pearly nude color is the only thing I’ll put on my eyelids, but other days I’ll mix it up and do something a little fancier.

My favorites are either a gold eyeshadow, a purple-ish maroon eyeshadow, or the look I’m about to show you.

This was part of an e.l.f. cosmetics eyeshadow kit I got for Christmas (It’s been in the makeup bag a while that’s why it’s not looking too great), but these are my favorite colors.

I start by applying the color on the right in my crease and the outer corner of my eye. I then take the shimmery color and put it at the inner corner of my eye and I put it under my lower lash line to make eyes pop.

Next, I curl my lashes and then go in with my favorite mascara, the Ultimate Mascara by Mary Kay, and apply it to my upper and lower lashes.


Finally, I’ll apply a lip color. This changes daily. Somedays I don’t even wear a lip color because I constantly have to apply moisturizer to my dry lips. I don’t feel like it’s worth it to put color on dry lips. For me, it flakes right off.

This is one of my favorite lip colors. It was a limited edition color from Mary Kay, but it is the perfect natural looking pink. I’m not much of a bold lip lady. I typically go with lighter pinks, corals, and the occasional red.

7585935952_IMG_0517Here is the finished look.

So that’s it for my first ever makeup look here on the blog! I hope you liked it, and if you did let me know in the comments! And also if any of my beauty lovers have any suggestions or recommendations for me for future beauty posts I’d love the advice!

Here are all the links to the products I used today in order:

+ Mary Kay Brow Definer Pencil in Blonde

+ Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream – I’m wearing the shade Light/Medium

+ Maybelline FaceStudio Master Conceal – I’m wearing the shade Fair

+ Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder – I’m wearing the shade Fair

+ Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color Duo in Ripe Watermelon

+ Maybelline FaceStudio Master Strobing Liquid in Iridescent

+ Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in Pale Blush

+ ~ Similar ~ Eyeshadows in Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Palette

+ Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara

+ ~ Similar ~ Lip color is Mary Kay Gel Semi-Shine Lipstick in Rasberry Ice

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May Favorites

May Favorites

Happy June!

I can’t believe another month has already gone by. I mean seriously, 2018, where are you going?

I decided to be a little more on top of things this time around and upload this post closer to the end of the month! So ta daa! Here it is, my May Favorites.


7585935952_IMG_0495+ BB Cream

If you read my April Favorites post, you know I was trying to take a break from wearing makeup every day. I did that for a little over a month (Maybe even longer, I can’t remember), so I’m now trying to transition into a simple summer makeup look.

I’ve never been the full face makeup kind of girl, but a light foundation and some eye makeup are what I normally go with. For summer, I love BB cream. It has SPF in it, which is super important if you’ve got sensitive skin and it’s summertime. Maybelline’s has always been my go-to.

IMG_6691.jpg+ Sinful Colors – Big Daddy

This is one of my favorite colors for summer because it’s so bright! I’ve never been the subtle or natural nail color kind of girl. Nine times out of ten I’m wearing a shade of blue or purple, so even though this color is just as bold, it’s different for me.

7583912480_IMG_0543.jpg+ Clearproof Deep-Cleansing Charcoal Mask

I’ve been trying my hardest to clear up my face, but blackheads don’t like to go anywhere! This is my only miracle-worker.

I put this on my blackhead-specific zone (My T-zone and chin) and leave it for about fifteen minutes. Then I wash it off and use a Biore strip to remove some of the dirt while it’s loose and it works like magic. If you struggle with blackheads, you can check it out here.


7583945040_IMG_0314+ New Phone Case

I’ve been obsessed with my new phone case from Casetify it has the most positive vibes and such bright colors, it just feels like my personality as a phone case. I went online to find my mama a new phone case for her birthday and they were having a special when you bought two cases. So one for mama and one for me!

Movies + TV

+ John Mulaney’s Netflix Specials

I can now confirm I have a favorite comedian. I’ve been really into Nextflix comedy specials this month, but John Mulaney’s were my absolute favorites. What a guy. I have no words. He is effortlessly funny and incredibly talented. I would love to see him live someday.

+ The Kissing Booth

So this was a beyond unusual movie, but I really liked it. It’s not your average angsty teen movie, but yet there were still a lot of common themes that were there from other movies. Elle and Lee had the ultimate friendship (Not to mention he had the ultimate house, like wow), but they had the rare kind of friendship that had the capacity to be a new kind of Love, Rosie, except they don’t end up together in the end, their friendship is just stronger than ever.


This month my music was chill vibes, nothing hardcore, but still, something you can jam to, ya feel me? These were my top 3 songs:

+ “Darling” by David Ryan Harris — This was my absolute favorite song this month so I embedded it here so you can listen to it below.


+ “No Goodbyes” by LEON

+ “Stay” by Elliot Root

Those were only my 3 most played songs, the rest of my May playlist you can listen to here. I love to chat about music so feel free to slide into my DM’s and recommend a song or two!

That’s all for my May favorites! I really can’t believe we are almost halfway through the year already.

Do you feel like you’re making the most of 2018 so far? I feel like there’s so much left that I want to do, and so few months left to do it (Even though there are still eight months left and I’m just over-analyzing everything a little bit, I’m nervous because of how quickly time is passing)! I have one more year left in high school. It hasn’t even started yet and I already know it is going to fly by.

Enough with my overthinking and rambling. Have a great Saturday!

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Spring Target Haul

Spring Target Haul

Today I’m here talking about that beautiful magical place we all know and love, Target. I have been there several times in the last couple months (A shocking fact, I know) and I have picked up a few things, which by a few I really mean a lot, and so I want to share with you a few of my favorite things I’ve bought.

**ALSO all my photos in this post are edited with the magnificent Maddy Corbin‘s preset MC05. Needless to say, I am absolutely obsessed with how my photos look after using it! You can find it here, and while you’re there, be sure to check out her blog! She’s such an amazing human and boss lady who is absolutely killing the game!

Maybelline’s The Rocket Mascara


This used to be my absolute favorite mascara, and since I recently ran out of my Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara, I decided to go back to the basics. It’s crazy how big of a difference the brush style makes. The bristles are so tiny that I feel like I’m going to stab myself in the eye, but I don’t, and then my lashes look super pretty.

Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron


I have realized that my hair is getting ridiculously long, for me anyway, and so my little 3/4 inch curling iron is not cutting it for curling my hair anymore. It takes much to long and I’m scared I’m going to burn my hair off by the time I get it all wrapped up around it. Not to mention that this curling iron is super pretty with it’s rose gold-looking finish. Perfect for the ‘gram? Yes, ma’am.

**I actually ended up returning this one to get the 1 inch because my hair was too fine for such a large barrel so it wouldn’t hold the loose curls.

Black Floral Romper


Now I understand that this isn’t the greatest photo, but you will be getting a much better look at this dress in a post coming soon *Hint: it’s a lookbook. So just consider this a sneak peek! This such a gorgeous little number that I tried on while out shopping with friends and they all immediately said I had to get it, so of course, I did. I can’t wait for you all to see it!



If you don’t write things down very often, you might not understand the significance of buying a new notebook, but if you do, you know it’s a big deal. I always want to find the cutest notebooks possible for sketching, poetry, quotes, inspiration, and any ideas I come up with. I have this notebook in black and I am obsessed with this kind of notebook. The soft leather cover with spiral bound pages. When writing a lot, spiral notebooks are a blessing.

Cactus Stickers


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I’m sure you are aware that I am just a little plant crazy. I’m so excited to put these lil guys all over the pages of my planner and notebook because just look at how cute they are!

Chalk Markers


I am now obsessed with these colorful chalk markers. I have been wanting to get some for a while now and I finally had a good reason to because of a little project I did for my mom, which are those clothing basket labels there on the left. Still searching on Pinterest for more chalk marker craft ideas so if you have any ideas please share! I’m having too much fun.

Mama’s Fake Succulent


Unfortunately, my mom doesn’t share my love for succulents, so she has been continuously telling me that if she finds a cute fake succulent she would “keep it alive.” Isn’t she funny? Well, I finally found one that fits her requirements and so I would like to introduce to you, George, the unkillable succulent.

“The Best Peanut Butter Ever” B. Happy Peanut Butter


“The Best Peanut Butter Ever” as my friends like to call it. Which honestly I agree with. I love it because it’s made in Indy (which support local businesses y’all), and it literally is so good. They have so many amazing flavors to choose from, but the one shown is my personal favorite, which is the one with cinnamon and apples. You can find this at the Target in Fishers, and I also know of a local boutique called Gratitude Boutique that carries it.

Happy Easter Mug


As a good coffee lover does, I am an avid collector of mugs. Especially super cute and aesthetically pleasing mugs such as this one! Easter is actually one of my favorite holidays because of how colorful and lively everything is. It’s all about new hope and rebirth no matter how you celebrate, and that’s really been my latest mantra. So what more could I possibly need than an amazing mug with “Happy Easter” scrawled across the side in this super pretty font?

If I have any other Target-obsessed shoppers out there, I hope you enjoyed this post and that we might be able to go on tangents about the glory of Target sometime.

Thanks for stopping by,

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