Things are different.

Things are different.

Hi, you may have noticed there’s a lot changing here.

Welcome to what used to be known as “Look She Can Blog.” I will forever stand by my reasoning as to why I made that my brand for almost 3 years, but I’m not the same person I was when I started this blog in 2016. The original mission of the site, positivity and acceptance, is still deeply rooted in who I am, but it just means something a little different to me now at 19 years old than it did at 16.

This site needs to be able to grow with me, and well, nothing sticks with you quite like your name. I wanted to keep it simple because I know my niche will always be evolving. There’s a million things I want to do and write about, and the only thing that seemed fitting was just going with my name because I’m literally just me, and I’m always going to be working on figuring out what that actually means.

What I do know is that I’m a writer, and there are at least a hundred million things I want to write about, and I want the freedom to do so without having to worry about “being on brand.” I know that I am a photographer, and I want to be able to focus on that separate from my writing, but I still want it to be a part of my blog. What I’m not is just another social media influencer who’s trying to get a hundred likes and brand deals. There was a time when I that’s what I thought I wanted, but what I really want is to reach people and make an impact.

I would get so caught up in the visuals of putting out content, since that’s a huge part of the influencer game, that I never felt accomplished enough to publish my words without them and so many posts went unpublished. But I always felt guilty about the content because I still felt my words needed to be said but I couldn’t pull together the visuals so I gave up on them completely, and as an artist that is the most frustrating kind of pressure you can place on yourself: Pushing a vision that you think will sell, get views, and be read opposed to what you really want it to be.

That’s why I’ve honestly been feeling like a creative failure most of this year. I’ve quite frankly been an emotional mess and I haven’t allowed myself to utilize the blog as the creative escape it started out as because I never felt like I could finish projects and put out enough content that I was proud of.

I’m not going to lie, I do have quite the track record of being a quitter, but I told myself a long time ago this wasn’t something I was ever going to give up on and I know I owe it to myself to not go back on that promise. So here I am, revamping and rebranding my site and quite literally, myself.

You’re going to be seeing some new content that I know may not have the same appeal to some of my readers as all of my previous content. I’m studying journalism, and as a writer, I’ve got a lot to say about what’s going on in the world.

I promise you everything I write about will be coming from a positive place. I want to write about tough subjects so people can understand them and learn how to be compassionate. I’m a firm believer perspective is everything. We all have to come from a place of love and respect or coexistence is literally impossible. Let’s just say it’ll be preachy but teachy. I’m pretty excited about it.

You’re still going to see content about music, fashion, and of course, lifestyle, but I’m also hoping to write more about important issues and advocate for things that matter to me, and really should matter to everyone. I also would like to pen more personal essays and photo essays. This blog really is a little piece of my heart and I want it to completely feel like one.

Over the next few weeks while I’m on break from school, I’m going to be reworking this site into what I want it to be. I will be going through and weeding through some of my past posts because well, I was 15 when I started writing here and some of it probably just doesn’t need to be on the internet anymore.

I will also be updating all my current pages to make sure the messaging is right for the next chapter of this site. I decided not to shut down the site completely while I’m working because I have noticed I’ve had some steady page views recently and I didn’t want everything to be unaccessible during this time. The major changes have already been made, the next steps are just tidying it up. Some pages will be locked as I update them, but I promise they’ll be up and running again soon.

As always, thank you for hanging in there with me. This year has been an actual rollercoaster for me, but I swear to you I really am doing my best. I am just quite literally a work in progress and disaster all at once, and I thank you for always bearing with me.

Things are different, but I promise you it’s a good different. I hope you’ll be sticking around because I’m really really really excited about it and I hope you are too.

told myself to look at the camera like I look at pizza in order to get this ~dramatic~ shot

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Life Lately #3

Life Lately #3

Hello hello! It has been a good long while since I sat down and just let you know what’s going on in life with me. I have a thousand thoughts whirling through my head so I thought why not share them with you all?

First of all, I’d like to say hopefully when summer rolls around there will be more of a regular posting schedule here, it has just been hard lately. I’ve been busy with school, trying not to fall behind, and I’ve been picking up a lot more hours at work.

Which is fine because then I have the money to do things like buying myself a DSLR camera! Okay well, mom may have actually helped me out with this because college and a car are still the main priorities for my savings account at the moment and the need to pay for those is a lot closer than I’m thinking, but I am still shocked that I could even say “Let’s go 50/50 on a DSLR camera.”

I had a really rough weekend a couple weeks back, and my mom knew I had been wanting to get this camera for such a long time. I was not feeling my best, which is actually a severe understatement, and my mom wanted to do something to try and make me feel better, so she said: “Let’s get your camera.” I was super surprised and I am super grateful that my mom wanted to help me get something to help me improve the content on this blog that I love so much. Thanks, Mama!

I’m hoping that with having a new camera might motivate me to take better photos. I have felt really uninspired lately. I will go days without taking a single photo or writing down a single word for a blog post, then all of a sudden I get hit with a burst of ideas, so many ideas, how to make them happen, and a huge drive to get them done. It’ll last maybe an hour or a little more, then I fall right back into a pit of uninspired despair.

I’m so ready to work myself out of this funk, but right now, I’m not sure how. So until then, hang in there with me people, I’ll get there. Hopefully sooner than later.

I’m still pushing through trying to work on a few more posts. This week I took photos with my mom for my first Instagram collaboration, and a blog post I have hopefully coming out later this week, as long as it doesn’t snow here in Indy… I can’t believe I even have to say that, especially now that it’s April.

I mentioned that Instagram collaboration (Which is super crazy, if you ask me), but speaking of Instagram, I’ve been super happy with the growth I’m seeing. I was stuck at 150-160 followers for several months and then all of a sudden I sped past to get to 200 followers, and it is still growing!

I’m really proud of my content right now, and I’m hoping to start posting more consistently. So if you’d like to check out my Insta and maybe give me a follow, that would be amazing! You can find me @lookshecanblog. Thank you to those of you already following!

Something else I’ve done recently is learn a lot about friendship. I was sidelining some of my friends who really care about me to make time for people I had somehow categorized in my brain as more important, more worth my time. It’s heartbreaking to think that I felt that way, subconsciously or not. The people I was focusing on are great people and we made a lot of great memories together, but sometimes good people have sh*tty tendencies.

Friendships will go up and down, but the ones that recover are the ones that matter. I like to consider myself a forgiving person, but sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes there is something deep inside you that doesn’t want to forgive them.

Someday I hope to move past it, and hopefully maybe they can too, but for now, I’m going to focus on the people in my life who never stopped loving me and never stopped caring. And I’m going to take this time to really appreciate the friendships I have with those people.

On a more lighthearted note, I finally found a prom dress thanks to the lovely Maddy Corbin. She was looking to get rid of her dress from a couple years ago, and so she offered it to me. I’m in love with it, it makes me feel like a princess, and I’m now even more excited to dance the night away with my friends at prom. Thank you, Maddy!

**Also, should I do a post about prom? I have always wanted to do one but I’m not sure what I should do it about. Maybe a diary of my prom night? Please comment your thoughts below!

I had also mentioned in a previous post the possibility of me going to Spain next summer, and I can say now with absolute certainty, ya girl is going to Spain! I can’t even put into words how exciting this is for me. I’ve never been overseas, or on a plane in general, so that should be interesting, but I’m going with my favorite Spanish teachers, so that alone will make it a trip to remember.

There are so many exciting things to come in the future and I am beyond excited for when they do. I can’t wait to share them with you!

Be sure to check back here or turn my post notifications on so you don’t miss out on my next post!

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Life Lately

Life Lately

Hello! It’s hard to believe it’s only Wednesday. It feels like I haven’t gotten to sit down and write a blog post in forever, even though it has only been a couple days. I already feel like I’m getting out of touch with blogging because of my online class and I wanted to update you on it and other slightly exciting things happening for me in the coming weeks.  Continue reading “Life Lately”