Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone’s day is being spent surrounded by loved ones and a lot of carbs! The turkey and pumpkin pie is always something to look forward to, but most importantly today is about acknowledging and appreciating the important people, events and things in our lives. So here are a few things I’m thankful for:

  • First and foremost, my family as a whole.
  • More specifically, my sister and her heartwarming smile.
  • My mother, her sense of humor, her ability to make everything seem okay, her kindness and her strength.
  • My dad, his bad puns, his never-dwindling collection of dad jokes and useless information, his good-intentioned advice, the way he makes my sister laugh, and his undying love for my mother.
  • Ms. V, my current English teacher, who is the best English teacher I’ve ever had. I’m thankful for the way she teaches using visual aids and comprehensive notes, how she takes the time to teach us things we’ve never been taught, but we’ve been miraculously expected to know our whole academic careers, how she calls out the slackers, the colorful and vibrant clothes she wears, how she loves talking about books and what’s happening in the world, how she compliments me on my outfits, and how she shares the funniest videos with us.
  • My friends, who although can frustrate me more than anybody else in this world, still, have their occasional moments that are wonderful and make friendship seem worthwhile.
  • The blogging community, although I don’t feel like I’m truly a part of it yet, is still something I am thankful for. It brings me much joy to immerse myself in the creative content of others and to be inspired by it. So thank you to all the creatives out there.

Last but not least, thank YOU. For taking the time out of your day to read what I have written here, for continuing to check back to see what I have written and following me on social media. It all helps reassure me that I can do this and that it really is worthwhile, so thank you for helping keep my love of creating content alive.

Now hurry back to the dinner table before the pumpkin pie is all gone, and be sure to save a piece for me. Until next time…

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