Then & Now

An entire year has passed. This time last year, my Freshman year of high school was coming to a close. Now I have completed my Sophomore year and will soon be heading into my Junior year. Its crazy to me how quickly time has passed, but whats even crazier is how much I have changed as a person.

Who I Used to Be…

An uncomfortably shy girl, who had very little faith in herself, anything or anyone. She used to believe staying quiet was the key to staying safe. She was not socially inclined and didn’t care to be either. She let people walk all over her and failed to stand up for those she cared about. She was perfectly unhappy with the few friendships she had, but was unwilling to step out of her comfort zone to create new ones. She was scared and sad inside, but never let anyone know. She was a mess.

Who I Am Now…

A slightly more outgoing person who is learning to deal with her insecurities. She knows that she will not always know the answers, and the best way to learn is by letting someone who knows guide you. Only she knows now that they can’t guide you if they are unaware of what you don’t know. She doesn’t let people walk all over her or her friends anymore. She is perfectly content with the friendships she has, and will occasionally step out of her comfort zone to try and create new ones. She is slowly overcoming her fears, is a far happier person, and is a whole new kind of crazy mess: a happy mess.

I’m in a happier place now. I’m surrounding myself with people I love and people who care about me. I am cutting out the negativity in my life and unleashing my creativity. I am free. How much have you changed in the past year?

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