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I am an extremely excitable person. Many people like to blame it on my blonde roots, but I firmly believe it is because I’m a happy person who thrives on little excitements in life. On that note, I’m going to share with you some things that I get it excited about. They may seem crazy and probably won’t make too much sense, but ya know what, thats okay, its good to have little things that give you a happy buzz. So these are things that make me excited and it doesn’t really matter why.

Old/Unique Cars: I flip out when I see old cars. I get so excited seeing the sleek designs. They stand out from all the typical cars today. All cars today look the same, and its incredibly boring. When you see a car that has that old-fashioned look with a pop of color, it just pleases something deep down in my soul. Any car that is unique or brighter or just dares to be different from the normal slew of cars makes me excited.
Plants & Succulents: I love photographing plants. I think cacti are the cutest (I know right, I’m basic) and any prints or items with little cacti on them make my day. Call it an obsession, if you will. I already have two little friends, one who still requires a name, but I just get so excited about plants. Their bright colors and interesting shapes, so much individuality in a small living thing, why not be excited about it?
Super Hero Movies: Okay let’s all be honest here, super heroes have been and always will be super exciting all on their own. They kick ass and save the world! What is there not to be excited about? Even though I’m usually team Marvel all the way, can we talk about how cool the new Wonder Woman movie looks? I’m excited for it.
Photography: I like to think that I am a decent photographer, and so I put a lot of work into my photos. I get so excited when a photo turns out better than expected. I also get a thrill out of seeing other’s photography. I love the art of photography and the unlimited number of ways people can create a beautiful photo just with a camera or cell-phone.
When Good Things Happen for Others: Nothing makes me more excited then when good things happen to good people. I can’t stop smiling and I want to jump up and down because I know that this person has done so much and deserves a break. When something amazing happens for them, I can’t help but feel elated.
These are just a few things that make me excited. Maybe you found some of them relatable, and some of them just plain weird, that’s fine! Everyone is different and believe me, I know I’m a bit crazy! Thanks for allowing me to share a little bit of my crazy with you. What makes you excited?
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