You can’t play the victim all the time, especially when the only reason why you were attacked is because you struck first. You aren’t clear. You don’t feel the need to explain yourself, but you expect the rest of the world to just get it. The world isn’t full of mind readers, it’s full of people who want answers, not excuses.

Stop burning the bridges that were still being rebuilt. There has been enough turmoil from previous fires. Stop building people up to think you’re gonna change, then go right back to your old ways of bringing sadness and anger to those who try to prove that they care, because one day, they just won’t anymore.

One day is a lot closer than you may think. A dark, toxic path is often less traveled on the second time around. In this case, the hundredth or so time around. They have nothing more to prove to you. You don’t listen to their cries for truce, you don’t care about what’s really said, only about which side everyone is on, which is certainly not yours anymore. They have run out of words and will-power. They have run out of tolerance for your supposed friendship. They are the people who once cared about you, but were left standing on the bridge while you watched it burn.

An original poem by Katie from Look She Can Blog

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