What is Different Going into this School Year – Junior Year

I was thinking about back to school. I go back on Wednesday, and it still hasn’t really hit me that it’s happening so soon. I started thinking about the number of things that are different going into this year. Lots has happened to me between now and the summer before Sophomore year. Today I’m going to make a list and lay it all out for you.

  • I am sixteen
  • I’m learning how to drive
  • I have a new level of confidence
  • I have a new sense of style
  • I have bangs
  • I got a job
  • I’m more comfortable talking to people
  • I’ve made new friends
  • I’ve been on my first date
  • I have my own blog
  • I’m not as nervous about the social aspect of school
  • I’m happy with the people I have surrounded myself with

As you can tell, a lot has happened. Whether it be self-discovery or different kind of milestone. I wouldn’t have thought all this could change so quickly, but here I am. I’m nervous, scared, a little excited and kind of freaked out to start my Junior year, but it all starts Wednesday whether I’m ready or not. When do you go back to school and what’s different for you from last year?

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