Hi there.

I’m a 20 year old college student studying journalism and Spanish. I started this blog because I’ve got so much shit I want to say, but being an introvert makes it damn near impossible.

Luckily for me, I am a writer and photographer who also dabbles in design in her spare time when she’s not watching Netflix, getting lost in a book, scrolling aimlessly through Twitter, or procrastinating homework by doing all of the above, and so I’ve found a few ways to communicate without risking my status as a semi-anti-social human being.

I’ve been able to find my voice through art and for me that’s writing, photography, and design. I love to tell stories and I love to paint a picture with words, and/or actual paint. Sometimes you just have to see where your creativity takes you. For me, that’s trying out different mediums constantly. Journaling, painting, scrapbooking, even altering clothing.

I’ve struggled for a while now to identify myself as an artist because in my mind I really don’t think I’m “artsy” enough, but if I know that’s not true. Deep down I know I am a crafty bitch who knows her way around written words, cameras (kinda), and pens, markers, crayons, or literally whatever else the world throws at her.

I’ve finally sort of figured out what I want to do with this voice I’ve discovered through art and that’s why you’re here.

My goals for this blog are to:

  1. have a good time
  2. educate, inform, and provide perspective
  3. connect with people
  4. leave an impact and
  5. (hopefully) make a difference.

I know that seems like a lot, but I promise you it’ll be a fun time and I hope you’ll stick around.

I’m hoping there’s something here for everyone.

The creatives, the go-getters, the shy folks, the soul seekers, the people looking for happiness in all the wrong places, the people who want to read something different, who want to be entertained, and who want to become truer to themselves.

Welcome to a place of positivity, encouragement, support, entertainment, and realness.

All brought to you by, yours truly. I am an introverted girl with a brain that speaks louder than her own voice. She’s also constantly trying to quit her job as everyone’s personal doormat, but that’s been her goal the last 2 years so we’re still working on that. Even though she’s still working on coming out of her shell there’s a fire inside her that has been ignited that is somewhat reminiscent of the passionate spirit her mother possesses that she’s always envied. It’s sort of like, the Hulk. You know how his secret is that he’s always angry? I’ve got a little bit of anger on deck at all times that usually surfaces when someone says something misogynistic, racist, ableist, or anything else explicitly or implicitly prejudiced, rude, or ignorant to someone else.

I’m not saying I’m looking for a fight, and if you know me I’m sure you’re laughing to yourself that I even said that. I’m not typically the person to scream, throw hands or get into a knock-down-drag-out over something, I’m just saying I’m not as scared to confront someone anymore. I’m not afraid of calling someone out on their bullshit and I hope people aren’t afraid to call me out on mine. We’re human, we all have our own bullshit we have to figure out and sometimes other people have to help us see it.

Life isn’t perfect, if anything it’s far from it, and that’s okay. We’ve got a lot to learn. If we all stick together, this ever-changing, hectic, beautiful, crazy, roller-coaster of a world we live in really doesn’t seem so scary. We’re all figuring out together. It’s okay to be a work in progress and disaster all at once. So sit down, relax, get yourself a coffee, and stay tuned for the future.

It’s about to get interesting.

Artwork by The Artless Cauliflower (artless.cauliflower on Instagram)